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Hi, my name is Maureen Dowle.


I am 49 years old and live in Dover, Kent. Up until the age of 13 I was brought up in Leeds and from those early years I have always enjoyed arts and crafts.

It was only recently after an inspired trip to London that I decided to experiment with a new technique using beads and Swarovski™ crystals, purely with the intention to display the artwork in my own home.

However, with the encouragement of family and friends to take things further, I now sell my art in several outlets around my local area, including art galleries and florists, with which I am delighted to say, some success.

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  • All prices vary according to time and material costs. Prices listed are for the sizes of canvasses used.* Please contact me directly for a quote.
  • All individual artwork designs are unique and cannot be replicated identically.
  • Prices listed do not include delivery. Delivery charges vary according to preferred delivery method, as well as size and weight of artwork.
  • Canvasses should never be hung over radiators, as this can result in distortion.
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